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There are two options to install the MileageMeter application on your phone

  • Download the MileageMeter application "Over the air" on your Blackberry® phone
    1. Open the following web page on the browser of your Blackberry® phone:
    2. Follow the steps described on that site
  • Download the MileageMeter application first to your PC and then transfer/install it on your Blackberry® via the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
    1. Download the following file MileageMeter.zip to your PC and unzip it. The zip-file contains two files: MileageMeter.cod and MileageMeter.alx
    2. Open the Blackberry® Desktop Manager program on your PC
    3. Connect your Blackberry® phone to your PC
    4. Choose "Add/Remove Applications" in the Blackberry® Desktop Manager
    5. Browse for the MileageMeter.alx file downloaded in step one
    6. Complete the installation in the Blackberry® Desktop Manager
Note: The first time you start the MileageMeter application, the Blackberry® OS will ask you to authorize a file connection of the MileageMeter application. You have to grant this access so MileageMeter can store your re-fill data. Put a check mark in front of the entry "all file connections" and then select the button "Allow this connection". For more details also see the FAQ section of this website:

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