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Version 0.9 - Released Sep 12, 2008
+ First beta release for internal testing

Version 1.0 - Released Oct 7, 2008
+ Final release including bug fixes from beta tests

Version 1.1 - Released Oct 17, 2008
+ Bug fix: Could result in wrong MPG results in very specific cases
+ Improved rendering of MPG chart to adapt better to different display sizes

Version 2.0 - Released Mar 25, 2009
+ Added import/export functionality
+ Added hotkey support for fast scrolling and car switch in main list
+ Added  3 new charts
+ All charts are now displayed on their own screen instead of sharing the screen with the statistical data
+ Added multiple new key figures in statistic screen
+ Changed title column of main list to be frozen during scrolling
+ Added backup functionality during MileageMeter start
+ Improved usability of MileageMeter: When jumping from add/edit screen to main list current fill-up is selected
+ Improved program compatibility with Blackberry Storm
+ Buf fix: Could lead to wrong positioning of unknown fill-ups in main screen
+ Bug fix: Could lead to MileageMeter data file corruption in case cars were added and immediately deleted
+ Bug fix: "No fill-ups" was sometimes shown in incorrect font size.
+ New function makes it possible to register "over the air"
+ Multiple bux fixes in formatting of main list

Version 2.01 - Released Mar 29, 2009
+ Fixed bug: Import function caused problems when units in csv import file were empty
+ Added check for seperator character in import file
+ Fixed bug; Backup file creation during startup was happening too freuqently

Version 2.02 - Released Apr 12, 2009
+ Fixed bug: Import function caused problems when units in csv import file were empty
+ Improved usability of registration process

Version 2.03 - Released Jun 1, 2009
+ Fixed bug: Problem resolved during first start of MileageMeter when user did not grant correct permissions

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