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Upload fill-up data from PC to Blackberry
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To import fill-up data from your PC to the MileageMeter application on your Blackberry follow these steps:
  1. Save the fill-up data as text file/csv file in your spreadsheet program. MileageMeter requires the data to be in a specific format, that is explained in the 'Import/Export file format' section of this website.
  2. On the settings screen of the MileageMeter application the 'Import/Export Code' is shown. You have the enter this 8-digit code in the form at the top of this webpage.

  3. Enter the file name under which you saved the fill-up data in your spreadsheet software in the form  form at the top of this webpage.
  4. Click on the 'Upload File' button above. You should see a message that the upload was successful.
  5. On you Blackberry go to the settings screen and select 'Import Data...'

  6. Your Blackberry will access the fill-up data you exported previously from this webpage. Once the MileageMeter application has downloaded the data it will analyze it. If there are any problems with the data please correct them and continue with step 1 above. The format of the data is documented in the 'Import/Export file format' section of this website.
  7. If the MileageMeter application does not detect any problems with the imported data please select 'Finalize Import'

  8. Once MileageMeter has finished the import it will show the following screen

  9. There can be the case, that the imported fill-up data contained information on a car, that was already exisiting on your Blackberry. In this case MileageMeter will perform a backup of the old data with the name _[car name]DDMMYYY. You can access this data in the settings screen

  10. Once you have confirmed that the imported data is correct, it is recommended to delete the backup of the old data from the settings screen

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